How Can I Add Value to My House?

How Can I Add Value to My House?

According to PA First Time Home Buyer, the average home in Chester County costs $385,000. If considering selling your home soon, also consider remodeling or repairing your kitchen and bathroom, two of the most important rooms in the house. The number of bathrooms, the bathrooms’ designs, and the kitchen’s design increase the seller’s bargaining power. USA Today quotes a realtor who states, “Kitchens are the focal point of almost every home showing and an impressive kitchen will almost always make the difference between an average offer and the maximum.” Bathrooms fall right behind kitchens in the buyer’s hierarchy of importance. The number of bathrooms drives the cost. The more bathrooms, the higher the home’s value. A homeowner in the Thorndale area who recently sold his home revealed, “My home has only one bath. If we had another full bathroom, we could’ve sold the house for almost $50,000 more.” Even if you plan on remaining in your current home for the foreseeable future, still consider a bathroom addition or kitchen remodel as it increases the value of the home, one of your most important assets.

Bathroom Remodeling

Perspective homeowners consider two key elements with bathrooms, aesthetics and quantity. If planning on selling soon, the sale starts with the bathrooms. Homeowners earn significant returns on their investments after remodeling or adding on a bathroom. Remember the homeowner in Thorndale? With a second full bathroom, his home’s value increased $50,000. Although the numbers of bathrooms raise the cost significantly, buyers focus on the aesthetics of a bathroom too. Color schemes, lighting, and design impact a buyer’s decision significantly. We consolidated a list of key elements that add value to your home through its bathrooms.

  1. Add a new full bathroom – A home’s value increases per full bathroom. Convert roomier half bathrooms into a full bathroom simply with the addition of a walk-in shower. Use extra space in houses to add on another full bathroom. If facing a choice between remodeling or adding a bathroom, go with adding a full bathroom.
  2. Replace old showers and bathtubs – Replace old and worn fiberglass bathtubs and showers every ten to fifteen years.
  3. Replace old sinks with a new and modern design – Aesthetics sell, so trust the designers who make a living creating new designs. They know the trends and interests of people.
  4. Replace toilets – Toilets have a long-life expectancy, almost 100 years according to Home Steady, but if excessively stained or damaged, consider replacing the toilet.
  5. Replace old and cracked tiles – Old and cracked tiles stand out and ruin the smooth design of a bathroom. Replace and maintain tiles when necessary.
  6. Improve lighting – Lighting in bathrooms is essential for makeup, hair care, shaving, etc. Try to use natural lighting when possible.
  7. Change the color scheme – Change unattractive colors to a new neutral color. Find complementary color schemes online from professional designers. Pro tip: Never paint over wall paper.

Kitchen Remodeling

In the kitchen, perspective home owners search for the magazine worthy kitchen but the behind the scenes matter as much as the appearance. Many of the same principles for bathroom remodeling hold true when it comes to kitchens.

  1. Aesthetics sell – People seek elegant and modern designs. As stated earlier, kitchens are the focal points of home showings. New countertops and fresh cabinetry impress. With the growing age of social media, people often compare their kitchens to those they find online and try to mimic the social media worthy, show room kitchens.
  2. Lighting – Try softer more natural forms of lighting. Make sure all the areas where food preparation takes place have good lighting for safety purposes
  3. Replace the faucet – Eliminate leaks and improve your kitchen’s design with a new faucet.
  4. Replace cracked or old flooring – Once again, people want an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Cracks and old stained floors take away from the beauty of the kitchen.
  5. Increase kitchen space – If you have the room, increase the kitchen space to a more open area. In graphic design, decluttering your project improves its quality and the same holds true for kitchens. Adding space in your kitchen adds to its visual appeal and safety.
  6. Painting and staining– Add a fresh coat of paint and stain to your walls and cabinets respectively.
  7. Running new lines – Switching to gas stoves or moving your fridge to a different area require the addition of new water and gas lines.

Let’s Get Started

Create a beautiful home you love. Increase its emotional and physical value at the same time. Start with your bathroom and kitchen. Certain bathroom and kitchen remodeling or repairs require experts on the job unlike painting and staining DIY projects. Tim Dean Plumbing installs showers, toilets, bathtubs, faucets, gas lines, and water lines for your kitchen or bathroom. Also, we love recommending other contractors and professionals we trust so you receive the best quality work. Reach out to us on Facebook or on our website for additional information about the services we provide and how to get started on your kitchen or bathroom improvements.