Top Five Heating System Failures

As winter approaches, the temperatures drop, and the heaters kick on. Vital to providing warmth in the winter, heating units need proper maintenance to avoid failure. We combined a list of five common heating failures.

  1. Lack of Maintenance – Almost every website and Google search says the same thing. The biggest cause for heating failure is a lack of maintenance. We get it, scheduling an appointment for a maintenance check with your busy lives and schedules seems impossible, but proactively maintaining your heating system reduces the chances of unexpected systems failure. Think of it like changing your car’s oil or going to the dentist, unpleasant, but necessary for the prolonged use and efficiency of your car and teeth. A check now may save you major inconvenience in the future.
  2. Dirty and Clogged filters – If you have a forced air system, dirty or clogged filters wreak havoc on it. The blockage causes the system to over work itself to make up for the reduced airflow. It causes higher bills, reduced energy efficiency, and mechanical failure.
  3. Wear and Tear – All things have a life expectancy. Heating systems generally last 15 to 20 years but that depends on the usage and quality of the system. Unfortunately, your heating system inevitably will fail at some point because of wear and tear, but maintenance checks help predict the remaining life expectancy.
  4. Thermostat Malfunctions – Thermostats control the heat in the home. A thermostat malfunction for several reasons: Faulty wiring, inaccurate readings, mis-matched equipment, and dust/debris. These issues throw your heating system into disarray as it attempts to maintain the heating of your home.
  5. Electric Ignition or Pilot Control Problems – These problems occur with the activation of your heating system. Most modern furnaces use electric ignition as it operates more efficiently. Wear and tear of the system causes issues with the electric ignition and pilot control.

This list only covers five common heating system failures. Many other reasons cause heating failure that we didn’t cover. For other issues or emergencies, call or message us so we can help you figure out your problem!

You can’t plan for everything in life. Something always goes wrong at some point, but you can proactively seek to deal with issues before they occur. A maintenance plan with Tim Dean Plumbing allows us to inspect your plumbing and heating system on an annual basis to determine the condition of the system, look for warning signs of failure, and help you plan accordingly. Reach out to us to start a maintenance plan with us today!